Locavore trend spreads to baby food: Would you feed your infant bone marrow?

What do you feed your baby? The majority of moms stick to traditional baby food found in most supermarkets and convenience stores.  But what happens when mamas go a more adventurous route --like feeding their tot bone marrow?

That's exactly what Claire Hoyt, the founder and CEO of Big Dipper Baby Food, did when she had her own son! After giving birth, Hoyt made her own baby food using healthier, more seasonal food and now she's hoping parents all over the world will do the same.

The mom started Big Dipper Baby Food, an artisan baby food company in California, in hopes that more moms would follow her lead and want to buy more local, better tasting baby food. So what's the catch? Hoyt uses everything from typical sweet potatoes to the much more unusual ingredients of bone marrow and duck liver to make the food!


"It's a really fun thing to introduce the parents to, that beef marrow is a really amazing nutrient for babies," she said. "It's high protein and really mineral rich."

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So would you ever feed your baby marrow or liver? I don't think I would but I'm not an adventurous eater by any means! Though I would want my kids to eat healthy, I can't imagine feeding them the very food I find kind of gross. I mean, if they grew up and developed a taste for it, good for them--but pushing it on them when they're young seems kind of unfair.  It's not as if at that age, they can just say, "Hey Mom, I really prefer the peach and banana puree over this other mushy stuff."  

I'm not denying the health benefits of marrow and liver, I just feel like there are plenty of other nutrient-rich food that would serve just as well.

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Either way though, I am glad that there are moms out there who really devote time to finding out what is best for their child's wellbeing.  After all a healthy baby is a happy baby!

Find out more about Big Dipper Baby Food here:


What do you think-- would you ever give your baby bone marrow or duck liver?

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