Military dad surprises son on his birthday in ADORABLE reunion that will make you cry (VIDEO)

Ladies, be prepared to tear up. In this adorable and heartfelt video, a military dad surprises his young sons by returning home from Afghanistan in time for one of their superhero themed birthdays. And the two boys are in for the shock of their life because, before revealing his real identity, the father conceals his face by wearing a Captain America costume!


 When Cole and his younger brother Chase go to the door, they are amazed and excited to find Captain America standing before them. The clip shows them shaking his hand and inviting him inside before the mom, who is in on the joke, suggests its time for breakfast. She asks everyone to take off their masks so they can eat and when Captain American reveals his face, both boys stare in stunned silence before Cole begins to shyly wave.

"He's so nervous!" says the mom, laughing.

 Then, in the most touching part of the video, Cole finally goes over to give dad a big hug, staring up at him as if he can barely believe that his father's actually there. Chase quickly copies his actions, hugging his dad's leg.

 Watch the surprise go down:


See? I told you that you would tear up! Doesn't that just tug at your heartstrings? Seriously, it makes me so thankful for my own family members! In fact, BRB, I gotta go give my own dad a hug now.

 What do you think of the video?

Image via YouTube

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