Skateboarding dad drops child in huge parenting fail! (VIDEO)

Some people just shouldn't be parents. That's evident from this absolutely horrifying video, in which a father's attempt to show his son how to skateboard goes horribly wrong.

In the clip, the dad tries to carry his child while skateboarding down a ramp. This (obviously) does not work and the two end up almost immediately falling, causing the young boy--who is wearing absolutely no protective gear--to land on his back, slam his head on the ramp, and start hysterically crying.


Um, is this guy insane? How could he have possibly thought this was a good idea, especially when the kid didn't even have a helmet on? It's not like that ramp is made out of marshmallows–it's made out of some potentially skull-cracking material. Did he simply choose to ignore this fact? I mean, seriously, he could've killed his little boy! Ugh, I just want to shake this man and scream "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" in his face.

This is the kind of incident that makes me wish there was some kind of common sense test that people are required to pass before becoming a parent. As in –write in the correct answer to this question: Should you ever carry a kid while skateboarding, especially one who is wearing no padding or protective gear? The correct answer would be NO FREAKING WAY! Sigh. I hope for the kid's sake that the dad at least took him to the hospital to get checked out. Bet he had a field day trying to explain that huge bump to the doctor!

You can watch the video here, but be forewarned that it is SUPER DISTURBING:

Strange Beaver - Extreme Parenting Fail At The Skate Park

What do you think of the father's actions? Was the fall his fault or just an accident?

Image via Strange Beaver

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