Want to gross out your daughter? Throw her a period party!

As a teen, I waited anxiously for my first period. It came fairly late (I was almost 15) and I was ridiculously excited when it finally happened, rushing to my mom to let her know that I had finally become a full-fledged woman. She congratulated me and took me to the nearest store to buy sanitary pads. But what she didn't do, thank GOD, is throw me a period party.

Which is actually what's happening now to some poor innocent teenage girls: moms are throwing their daughters period parties.

Yes, a party for you just because you got your period. Now, I'm all about celebrating the female body and I really try not to judge others on their life choices but… period parties?! Who thought up this mess? I can't possibly think of a better way to embarrass your daughter than to parade around the fact that she's now crossed the threshold into puberty.


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I'd probably run off or hide in the closet and refuse to come out because there is no way that I would have let my mom do this to me. Can't these mothers just throw a bigger, better birthday party next year? Why are we celebrating the fact that these girls can now ovulate? It's ridiculous and seriously disgusting, if you ask me.

The most ridiculous thing about this isn't that mothers are actually throwing this kind of party but that there's a whole website devoted to celebrating "girlhood to womanhood" by providing party planning services and really creepy products, like a full party pack of plates and cups as well as the party game "Pin the ovaries on the uterus." You can't even make this stuff up!

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Look, if you really want to celebrate the fact that your kid just got her period, there are just better ways to go about it. Personally, I'm a fan of shopping trips. Why not get her some awesomely cute and super trendy red jeans instead of a red cake with her photo? Trust me, she'll be a lot less traumatized that way.

Would you ever consider throwing your daughter a 'period party' to celebrate her new womanhood?

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