Kris Jenner posting pregnancy pic for Rob Kardashian's birthday is mortifying

Oh my god. Just when I thought the Kardashian clan had hit the peak of their absurdity, "momager" Kris Jenner proved me wrong.  In honor of her son Rob Kardashian's 25th birthday, Jenner posted a picture on her blog of herself pregnant with Rob.  Cute, right? Wrong!!!

In the photo, Jenner is covering her breasts with her hands and standing sideways in her birthday suit with nothing but a white diaper (?) on.  Alongside the image, Jenner wrote "Happy 25th birthday to my wonderful, handsome son, Rob!! Rob, you are the best son a mother could ask for and you make me proud every day. I love you so much!!"


Why? Just why?  How is this celebrating your child's birthday? I mean it's one thing to reminisce through photos or even to take a pregnant picture before you have your first child, but to post it on very public blog supposedly in honor of your son? I'm pretty sure the last thing a 25-year-old man wants to see on his birthday is a picture of his mom pregnant and basically naked. Buy him a t-shirt, a card, anything but this.

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Jenner also posted other (more normal and far less embarrassing) pictures that depict Rob as a young boy, but I think it's safe to say those are being largely ignored...and for good reason.

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Seriously, if this was my mom, I'd be absolutely mortified. Thankfully, my mother is sane and not blinded by a constant need for attention. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised-- it is the Kardashians after all. Still, I do feel bad for Rob. Poor kid probably didn't even know what hit him!'

What do you think of the picture?

Image via Kris Jenner/celebuzz

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