Are 6-year-olds about to get their own version of Facebook?

Would you ever let your 6-year-old join a social media site? Well, now you can if you want to! Welcome to PixyKids, a social network for kids 6-12, which has recently raised $3 million in funding from ATA ventures and investors.

The network focuses entertaining and social interaction to children and their parents through digital tools and apps rather than individual profiles.  Kids will be able to use photos, videos and their own drawings to create art projects and share them with only their closest family and friends.  According to CEO and co-founder, Rajul Kadakia, these projects might also be turned into small games for the children to play.


Why is this necessary in the first place? Kadakia says it's because "parents are looking for sites they can feel good about, that help their kids develop socially, offer positive reinforcement, and are creatively enriching." The network, he described, is a place where "Facebook meets Disney."  

But though kids might have creative freedom, they won't just be left to their own devices. As of now, parents will need to approve every connection between children and other members in order to make the site safe for use.

Maybe it's just because I'm more traditional when it comes to kids but I feel like this had disaster written all over it! I mean, why on Earth do kids need to have their social media site? What happened to having play dates for entertaining and social interaction? At least 12-year-olds are of a more acceptable age to go on the web, but 6?! What's even the point at that age? And with all the dangerous, sick people out there today, I feel like there's no way this site will be able to create enough security measures to ensure that it's 100 percent safe –which is honestly what's necessary if it's going to be used mostly by young children.

Personally, I think parents should let their kids enjoy their childhood the old-fashioned away. Have them go outside, run around in a park, play with their friends. Why get them involved in something that will keep them indoors and discourage face-to-face communication? Besides, they'll have PLENTY of time for social media and computers later.

Would you let your child use this site?

Image via hoyasmeg/flickr

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