Would you camp out to get your kid into a good school?

What does it take to get into a good elementary school? When I was a kid, you pretty much signed up for one of the schools in the district. My parents didn't spend a whole lot of time thinking about whether one school was hugely better than another, nor would they have ever considered camping out at an elementary school to ensure that I got into a great kindergarten class.

But that's exactly what some parents did when they sat outside of California's Lincoln Crossing Elementary School equipped with tents and chairs, all in hopes of being able to register their child for a spot in the coming school year. The only thing I want to ask them: is our school system really so bad that we have to resort to iPhone-like fanaticism for a school?


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So what's got all of these parents so riled up? Well, apparently 50 students were turned away from the Sacramento-area school last year and this parents aren't kidding around about wanting to snag one of the 105 openings for the 2012/2013 school year for their kids.

Some say that Lincoln Crossing is a good school, while others want their kids to attend there because it's close to their homes. Principal Kevin Kurtz estimates that 180 parents will be vying for about 50 remaining spots, after the initial ones go to children who have siblings that are already enrolled in the school.

And this isn't the first time it's happened, either. A similar situation occurred in Washington State. Is this a growing trend with parents? Will I have to do this when I have kids and they're ready to go to kindergarten? Whatever the case, at least it's a better cause than camping out for the newest iPhone.

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Would you consider camping out in line to get your kid a spot at a better elementary school?

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