Playground video reminds us all of the wonders of childhood

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of The Little Prince--one of my favorite books of all times--was totally right when he said in his famous book's dedication: "All grown-ups were once children--although few of them remember it." I'm totally guilty of that and I hate it. A video I just watched taken by a 5-year-old child strapped with mom's iPhone touch while at the playground reminded me of that.

The short video is super jumpy (of course!), but it's a great way of looking at the world--ok, at the playground--through a 5-year-old's eyes. I may just try doing something similar with both my own 5-year-old and my 2-year-old! I'm sure it'll be super fun!


Watching the video also reminded me how easily my children are entertained, especially if we're outside. From running after the squirrels and the bunnies in our neighborhood to using our driveway as their canvas for their brightly colored chalks! The weather has started to change here in Denver--although it's probably just a fluke--and so we've been spending a lot more time outside.

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The other thing this video reminded me of is that children--and I'm sure this is true of all of them--are always so curious and impressionable about the things around them, so much so that mine can spend a bunch of time just looking at (disgusting) bugs or finding shapes in the clouds. Not to mention that, when they're younger, they would find amusement in any kind of object, including pots and pans, and not necessarily the big toy sitting right in front of them. 

I too love taking my children to the park and let them run wild. They always, always have so much fun and it seems like almost nothing can make them happier than when I say we're going there. I love how their laughter is so spontaneous and contagious, but most of all I love being reminded that life can be so much fun for grown-ups too... if only we remembered that we were once children too!  

How do you remind yourslef that you were once a child too?

Image via johnsoax/flickr