Khan Academy makes learning about ANYTHING easier!

Ever wanted to brush up on your calculus or learn art history? Now there's a site for that.

Khan Academy is a new website that wants to give "a free world-class education for anyone anywhere." They call themselves an "organization on a mission" with the goal of "changing education for the better."

Aiming to bring education out of the classroom and into the homes of students, parents, coaches, teachers and adults who want to learn, they have a library of over 3000 videos covering topics such as math, science, finance, history and test prep. Could this be the wave of the future of learning?


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I was a huge nerd when it came to school. I love reading and learning, so I always got good grades and was eager to know more. Even now, as an adult, I'm always learning something new. Whether it's a new creative skill (I recently got a dSLR camera and have been reading everything I can about photography) or keeping myself up-to-date with the latest news (especially as it pertains to health/fitness and Election 2012), there is always more I want to know.

This new way of learning has me excited. The easy-to-follow videos can be used in so many different ways: helping your children review a tough subject, brushing up on something so that you can help them with their homework or even learning something new for yourself, just because you want to.

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Founded by Salman Khan, some of the best classes include "Electoral College" (in American Civics), "Multiplication 2: The Multiplication Tables" (in Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra), "Velazquez's Las Meninas" (in Art History: The Baroque) and many more on biology, astronomy, currency, economics, history, physics and others. With so many to choose form (for FREE!), who can do just one? Whether I'm watching to help my cousin tackle calculus or learning about organic chemistry, this new way of learning is going to be lots of educational fun.  

Will you take video classes through the Khan Academy? Will you use them to help your kids or for your known knowledge?

Image via CBS News