Hysterical kids letters you MUST read!

Has your kid ever written you an (unintentionally!) hilarious letter? Most of the time, the spelling is so off and the writing is so innocent and childlike, you can't help but laugh! Well, we just found a bunch of absolutely hysterical notes that you have to read! They were all written by kids and dedicated to their parents or friends. Trust me – they will have you dying of laughter.


My personal  favorite is one in which a young girl named Annisa writes to the tooth fairy, demanding to know where the money for her tooth is. "I lost my tooth on 23 of Oct. Now it is Nov 12. I lost my tooth in pizza," she writes. "You owe me $1.00. Not to be hard but I need money."  HAHA, how freakin' adorable is that?

I think I'm especially sympathetic to that particular one because I myself was a letter writer at a young age. I used to love writing to Santa and other mythical creatures and awaiting their response (much to the dismay of my poor parents). In fact, I also wrote to the tooth fairy once --except I was apparently much greedier because I requested $30, a story my parents now love to tell and re-tell! Needless to say, my request was never fulfilled.

See what other kids asked for in their entertaining letters below!

Do your kids write you or anyone else letters?

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