Dad shoots teenage daughters laptop and ends up on 'Today' show

Remember that dad who became the subject of a media frenzy after he shot his daugher's laptop? Well, one month later, he still hasn't gone away. This week, NBC'S Today Show dedicated an entire 12 minutes of their air time to interviewing the shooting father himself, Tommy Jordan.

After his daughter posted a note on Facebook complaining about her chores and using lots of expletives, Jordan shot her laptop nine times and posted the video of the whole thing on YouTube. The video has since gotten tens of millions of hits and has now apparently warranted a sit-down with host Matt Lauer.


"People may look at the video that don't know him or us and think we're just completely uneducated country people," said Jordan's wife. "That's not the case. He's very intelligent, very thoughtful. He rarely does anything without thinking it through or even consulting me on a lot of occasions. This wasn't any different."

Later in the interview, Jordan concluded that he has a "great daughter" who just "made a mistake that day," but that she still hasn't gotten a new laptop.

Seriously, why is this guy taking up so much time on a program that is hugely popular and broadcasted on a major network? Aren't there more important things to cover…like, you know, the election or all the violence abroad? And why, according to NBC's poll, does 73% of the public agree with his actions? Basically, he threw a fit in response to his daughter throwing a fit. Yeah, that sounds like really "thoughtful" parenting.

But, I think the worst part of this interview is when he mentions that the only regrettable part of his actions were the "CPS and DSS…stuff?" Um, you mean the agencies that can potentially TAKE YOUR CHILD AWAY FROM YOU? I seriously doubt that all of this media attention has caused Jordan to re-think his strategies, but for his daughter's sake (and kind of for mine also), I hope he does so in the future!  

Watch the whole interview:

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What do you think of the interview?

Image via NBC Today

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