Can being a single parent lead to child abuse?

Wait. Is this a joke? That was my reaction when I first found out about the Wisconsin Republican leader who has introduced a bill that targets single parents, namely moms, since they outnumber single dad 5 to 1. The absolutely ridiculous bill introduced by Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman would essentially require the state to list single parenthood as a cause of child abuse. This is exactly how the bill puts it: "nonmarital parenthood is a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect" and the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board needs to emphasize it just like that, the bill reads. 

Again, I ask, is this a joke? I know tons of single parents--including my sister, two aunts, two former bosses and even my own husband (before we got married)--and not only are they the farthest thing from child abusers, but they, in fact, are some of the most exemplary human beings I've ever met


I think it's awesome that this guy is trying to tackle the ongoing issue of child abuse and wants to make sure that more families are given access to information regarding this devastating problem, but he's absolutely going at it the wrong way. Although it's really no surprise considering this is not the first time Grothman launches an attack on single moms.

The assistant majority leader has been known to say that social welfare programs encourage women to have children out of wedlock. Plus, he has no problem admitting that he's fighting against the Left's conspiracy to put an end to traditional two parent families made up of one mom and one dad. ¡Qué locura!

What is it with the attacks on women lately? Enough already. 

What do you think about this bill? Are single parenthood and child abuse connected?

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