How Jennifer Lopez's twins, Max and Emme, should celebrate their 4th birthday

Our favorite Latino twins, Max and Emme Anthony (Lopez? Muníz? What is their last name?) turn 4 years old today! The "coconuts" as Jennifer calls them (although we really wish she wouldn't since it is offensive to some people but whateves, they are her kids) have had quite a year. Aside from reaching developmental milestones like learning to play with other children, playing card games and starting to understand time, they also saw their parents get divorced and have been very busy travelling the world with their parents' new "friends."

They deserve a party, but not some Colin Cowie event. I have to give it to Marc and Jennifer, they really obvioulsy love and dote on their kids but as Jennifer says, love don't cost a thing. Here is how they should get to celebrate their day:


Dominican Cake: Forget the fancy fondant covered cupcakes in the shape of Fiats I am sure they are getting. Instead, Jennifer's mother Guadalupe should order a big 'ole Dominican cake with all the butter cream flowers she can find--like she surely bought for her daughters from their favorite bakery in the Bronx.

Play with their cousins: Truthfully, since Jennifer does travel with her mother and friends, the kids probably are with their primos but forget this whole celebrity play date thing. Have them hang with the Beckham kids some other day.

Have a theme party: By theme we don't mean have the party sponsored by Gucci, we mean have a common theme all the kids can identify with--like dinosaurs or crayons.

Eat dinner at home: I image the concept of home is complicated for kids who travel quite as much as Max and Emme and of course, they famously spent Thanksgiving in Hawaii. Call me crazy, but maybe they would like the comfort of their own home on their birthday.

Happy birthday Max and Emme--we hope you get what every 4-year-old in the world wants--love and yummy cake.

If money were no object, what kind of party would you throw a 4 year old?

Image via The Grosby Group

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