6 things your kids should know about Presidents Day

For most children, Presidents Day is just a day off from school, but there actually is some interesting history behind the holiday. So, why not make the day educational?  Moms, check out these fun Presidents Day facts and then pass them on to your kids!

  1. Presidents Day, which is now celebrated on the third Monday in February, used to be celebrated on February 22 in honor of George Washington's birthday. The holiday first began in the 1800s and was originally named "Washington's Birthday."
  2. George Washington was the first American to ever have a federal holiday created to honor his birth date.
  3. Presidents Day was changed to a different date in 1968 after Congress passed a bill that moved a bunch of holidays to Mondays.
  4. There has never been an official name change from "Washington's Birthday", but according to the holiday is now normally referred to as Presidents Day.
  5. In some states, the day honors both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, who was born on Feb. 12. Other states celebrate Washington and Jefferson Day for Thomas Jefferson. Massachusetts celebrates Washington's Birthday, as well as a separate Presidents Day holiday for presidents that were from New England.  
  6. Virginia is the home to the largest parade that celebrates Washington Birthday. It features bands, floats, horses, and historical reenactments.

Did you already know any of these facts? What will you be doing this Presidents Day?

Image via M.V. Jantzen/flickr

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