Peruvian uncle gives quadruplet babies a guitar concert (VIDEO)

What’s cuter than a video of a baby listening to music and enjoying it? Four babies listening to an acoustic guitar strumming along, smiling and generally looking happy. That’s exactly what happens in this video of quadruplets and their Peruvian uncle.

Nothing cheers me up better on a busy Monday than a really adorable video. In this one, the four babies are visited by a great-uncle from Peru who puts on a private concert during his visit with a good old fashioned acoustic guitar.


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The mom of the quadruplets describes the experience on her blog, calling her uncle “our guitar hero”:

“My Tío Ner hand-carried a little guitar all the way from Peru just for the Fab Four! Lucky for us, he's a classical guitarist who believes that it's important for young children to be able to explore an instrument—to climb on it, hit it, feel it, and pluck its strings—in order to hear the effects of their actions. The kids seem to discover something new every time they play with their guitarrita!”

Musical education is important for all, right? These lucky kids are starting early.

Do you love this video of an uncle playing guitar for quadruplets? What are some of your other favorite baby videos?

Image via YouTube