Would you let your kids join Lady Gaga’s new social media site?

Lady Gaga is a lot of things to a lot of people but I don’t know many parents that would call her a role model. She’s dedicated, yes, and definitely talented. In all honesty, I’m a big fan of hers. But when I heard that she’s launching a new social media site, all I could think “Huh, I wonder why?”

She’s got one of the biggest social media presences around: over 19 million Twitter followers with huge numbers on Facebook and YouTube as well. Although it’s currently in invite-only beta testing, I still wonder: Would you let your kids join the new social media site by the woman who calls herself “Mother Monster”?


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She’s the first star to try building a network build solely around her fan base. According to a report by CNN, an early look at the site suggests that it looks a lot like the newly popular Pinterest. Gaga’s site is also said to allow sharing and creating photos and video as well as allowing users to curate other’s content the way Reddig and Digg do.

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Since she’s so present online, it might actually be popular and fun. But I wonder if the kind of content that will be on the site will be stuff I would want to share with kids. Her infamous meat dress, for instance, is not something I would want a child to see. She calls her fans her “little monsters,” how little does she want them to be? I’m not sure but I’m hoping there are some serious age restrictions on this site.

Do you think a social media site by Lady Gaga will draw a big crowd? Would you let your kids join? Do you want to join?

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