Can having a dog prepare you for motherhood?

YES! Everything I've been saying ever since I adopted my adorable puppy a year and a half ago has scientific weight behind it now. Take THAT mommies who role their eyes at me when I tell that that sometimes I feel like my dog, Lola, is just like their baby.

According to a study by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, dogs and babies basically react to the world around them in very similar ways. I knew it!


Dogs and babies share the same kind of cognitive development and awareness of the world until baby turns 2. There is a collie here in the United States named Chaser that has proven this--she can identify objects, find things by process of elimination and understands literally thousands of words.

I'm not saying you should start telling your kids to "Sit" or "Stay", though I do regularly hear parents barking orders to their children in this manner--but I am saying that being a mommy to a fur baby might make you a better mommy to a human baby down the road. At least this is what I am hoping!

I dote over my dog and worry about her health and whether she is eating enough or getting enough exercise and don't even ask my mother-in-law how annoying I am when we are out of town and have to leave Lola behind. All to say, I'm probably going to be an incredibly neurotic mom--but maybe, just maybe, this experience I have with my own fur baby can teach me the kind of patience, understanding and unconditional love that you need to be a good mother!

What do you think? Are dogs and babies similar?