Moms, think twice before giving your kids fruit juice!

Moms normally feel safe giving their kids fruit drinks, like apple or grape juice. But, are they really as healthy as everyone thinks they are?

Recently, researchers have found that these juices contain harmful levels of arsenic and lead. Hopefully, that’s about to change. On Wednesday, House representatives, Frank Pallone and Rosa DeLauro, introduced a bill that would institute standards for the levels of arsenic and lead in these types of fruit drinks.



The chemicals enter the juice through tainted soil and groundwater and if accumulated in the system, can cause illnesses like bladder, lung, or skin cancer, and diabetes. This is especially dangerous to kids, who are at a higher risk since they typically drink more fruit juices than adults do.

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One recent report showed that arsenic levels in apple juice varied from 1.9 parts per billion, on the low scale, to 13.9 ppb, on the extremely high scale. In grape juice, they found arsenic levels as high as 15.9 ppb. Doesn’t sound too shocking to you? Compare that with the 10 ppb that is the legal limit for arsenic levels in bottled and public water.  Scary!

The bill would give the FDA two years to set a limit for the levels of arsenic and lead in all fruit juices. So far, it has no co-sponsors.

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I really hope that this bill gains some traction and is eventually passed. How sad is it that now a kid can’t even enjoy a simple glass of apple or grape juice? Growing up, I lived on that stuff. It’s really about time that governmental agencies paid more attention to children and their needs. After all, moms can only do so much. Besides, setting standards for the health and safety of families and their kids is their job. If they won’t do it, who will?

Do you think this bill should be passed?

Image via Luz!/flickr