Eating out with my kids

Every time my parents are in town they love to eat out and of course, they want to take the kids. I totally get it, but do I have to go too?

Of course I do! I won’t even go into the details of how my Mom is incapable of folding the umbrella stroller, she’s a modern Grandma unlike the kind I use to have (her mother). My grandma used to sew little dresses for my dolls while my Mom takes my daughter for brunches. Need I say more?

I keep explaining to my parents that we should do burgers or pizza if we want my offspring to tag along, but of course they want to go more exotic...


“Why don’t we eat Moroccan instead?”

Of course Mom! But do you know why that's a terrible idea?

Most probably the patrons dining at such places will be there sans kids, expecting to have a mellow dining experience. I’m in no mood to get stressed over any anti-kids comments or reactions. Not only that but I’ll have a hard time finding something my kids would actually eat in the Moroccan menu, furthermore, in order to keep their little voices at a certain volume level, I will have to entertain them, hopefully with something other than bread, most probably with crayons--which Diego always ends up trying to eat (he is weird that way), thus making his sister (who actually draws with them) scream.

It’s simply no fun Mom. Not for me. But of course I'll end up going and my parents have a blast, sipping their wine and smiling while I'm a mess, wrangling the kids, picking stuff from the floor and making an effort to ensure that the entire restaurant has the best dining experience possible, even if one Mom (aka me), doesn’t.

Image via Sofia Aguilar