If French parents are superior, then Latino parents are even better

I swear I'm going to write a book about how Latino parents are a cut above the rest. Why not? There's already one out there about how the Chinese are better parents written by Amy Chua and this week Pamela Druckerman tells us why French parents are superior in her book Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting. 

My book will be a best-seller, I can already see it. 


I know nothing about the French or the Chinese, but I do know how my Peruvian parents raised me and I am grateful for both their guidance and authority. It is because of them that I am a corteous and respectful human being. 

I grew up in a pretty strict household where children could be seen but they were not supposed to be heard. My mom was the disciplinarian – mostly because my dad worked all day – and she was one tough lady. I was spanked, for sure, and I have absolutely no issues saying it nor do I have any type of resentment against my mother because of it. Let me make it clear: she spanked me not beat me up. And, I'm sure I deserved it each and every single time. My siblings and I always remember how when we were in the company of others it took only one look – the look – from my mom to warn us that if we continued with our bad behavior we'd be in huge trouble later. Oh, and pobre de mi if I dared interrupt a conversation between adults. That was a huge no-no.

My parents never ever asked us our opinions on anything having to do with our upbringing: from what we were going to eat to what we were going to wear. But don't get me wrong, we had the liveliest conversation at the dinner table. From politics to current events, they surely encouraged the type of dialogue that opened up our minds and made us inquisitive and informed about the world around us.

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All this might sound very harsh, but I can assure you that I had the best childhood anyone could ever dream of and I know my siblings feel the same way. My parents were super strict, but they were super loving too and we were always – even to this day – their number one priority. 

I can only hope to be able to do the same with my kids.

Are Latino parents superior? How so? How did your parents raise you? How are you raising your children?

Images via Andy M Taylor/flickr, Amazon.com