Here's one Latino family that proves Prop 8 should never have passed

When Prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional yesterday I jumped for joy! The thought that some people would never be able to share in the happiness that I felt when I got married, based solely on their sexual orientation, made me so sad.

So, yes, I was very happy that the law banning same-sex marriage in California was repealed. I was 100 percent in support of my home state of New York's decision to legalize, too. After all, if same-sex marriage was illegal, we would never be able to share the story of Teena Marie and Nicole Delerme-Lugo!


Teena and Nicole were one of the first Mamás Latinas to sit down with our camera crew and share their story when we were building the site--and what a beautiful story it is! They have a gorgeous family, including grade-schooler Jeremy Nicholas and infant twins Jackson Noel and Ella Maly.

They also have a very loving, supportive extended family that helps them juggle all of their responsibilities from childcare to running the electronics store they just acquired--but most importantly, they have each other. Teena Marie told us, "I've always wanted to be a wife, I've always wanted to be a finally experience that and for it to finally come was surreal." If same-sex marriage was never legalized, Teena would never have been able to fulfill this lifelong dream of hers. Watch their story below:

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