I have my own major weight loss story, so I’m a big supporter of Michelle Obama’s campaign to rid the U.S. of childhood obesity. With the two year anniversary of the Let’s Move! campaign to “raise a healthier generation of kids,” I got to thinking about all of the super simple ways to incorporate more exercise into your family’s day.

There are some really easy ways to get more physical activity in your day—and to ensure that your kids are getting it, too.






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  1. Take advantage of seasonal activities. Head outdoors to play in the snow during winter or take a swim in the ocean (or pool) during summer. It’s an easy way to have fun with your kids while also getting some exercise.
  2. Buy toys that encourage physical activity. Especially if your kids are young, go for items like balls, jump ropes or kites that will take your kids out of the house. Invite some of their friends over and have fun as a group.
  3. Get up and dance during TV commercials. Take a hint from Super Bowl winner Giants cutie Victor Cruz and do a little salsa. This quick burst of exercise fun couldn’t be easier—but the activity will all add up in the long run.
  4. Play fun family-friendly video games. Whether you’re hitting the virtual slopes, playing some indoor tennis or indulging in some house-bound baseball, let kids play on their PlayStation—so long as it involves movement.
  5. Take a walk around the block after dinner. Spend some time bonding as a family after eating by getting up. It’ll get your blood flowing, encourage digestion and start burning those post-dinner calories while also having a good time.

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What physical activity will you engage in with your family today?

Image via Sean Dreilinger/flickr