Selena Gomez´s Cosmo cover will not come home with my daughter!

I have to admit that seeing child star Selena Gomez on the March cover of Cosmo was a little bit of a surprise for me. Having many years of experience as a magazine editor, I know well the process of choosing a magazine cover girl. Much is taken into consideration, and the decision is not ever taken lightly. Basically it all boils down to one thing: who´s face will help us sell magazines? Believe me, I get it!

While Selena´s photo itself is not the real issue for me (unlike others, I don't think her photo is "too racy"), I would argue it´s more a matter of ¨right image, wrong place¨. Put the former Disney star's face next to a ¨50 SEX TIPS: Readers Share the Naughtiest Moves¨ headline (bold face, underline, etc.) and... who are you hoping picks up this issue of Cosmo?


I understand enough about magazine economics to know why Selena Gomez (and definitely all of the controversy that this cover has caused) will get copies sold on newsstands. Girls of all ages are completely mesmerized by the 19-year-old star (and they might not discriminate against a cover that is selling sex as long as they get the scoop on the Latina's relationship with Justin Bieber). It's a bold, smart move by a publisher who looks to attract the desirable young audiences. I get that too.

What I DON´T get, is the ¨sex sells approach¨ of an already sexually explicit magazine paired up with the young image gracing its cover. As a Latina mom of three (two boys and a girl, age 15), I am puzzled by this. Clearly, my teen girl and her friends are exposed to all sorts of sexual messages out there. I´m not one to cover her eyes to this reality (she´d have to be blindfolded around the clock!) but I do question the editorial integrity of a team that is only thinking about selling magazines at my daughter´s expense.

I know it's not Cosmo's job to parent my daughter. But it is the job of the editors to think hard about the message they're sending and who they're sending it to. Of course it was time for a Latina again on your cover to make sure you hit our demographic. So next time, please consider the gorgeous, sexy and more fit for the Cosmopolitan audience Elsa, Daisy, Bérénice, Rosario and Zoe. 

What do you think of Selena's Cosmopolitan March cover?


Image via Cosmopolitan