Teaching your kids to 'put-up' at school is a good thing

I love my daughter’s school for many reasons, one of them being that I, too, keep learning new things.

Every Monday, the school’s principal writes down the "habit of the week" on the lobby bulletin board. This is the first thing that kids and parents see in the morning, and it stays there until Friday.

The habits of the week are always different and they can range from encouraging the kids to use new words to making eye contact when they say hello. I look forward to these weekly habits, because I usually make the same point and since my daughter believes everything the teachers in her school say, I have good support.

The habit of this week is "give put-ups to the people around you."

I had no idea what a put-up was and Juliana explained it to me this morning.


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"Because we are used to put-downs, but it’s also good to give put-ups and say positive and nice things to the people around us."

This is verbatim. Since she was so articulate, I am guessing this is the exact definition she learned yesterday. In any case, I love the idea of put-ups so I asked her to give me a put-up example and she said:

"I love the way you dress"

"Oh," I said, "but I wanted an even bigger put-up"

 And then she said:

"You are the best Mom in the world"

Isn't that the best thing our kids can tell us? Thanks Principal Felder.

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"I like this put-up thing Juliana, here goes mine: You are the most amazing girl in the world."

She smiled and both of us were off to a good start of the day--which included arriving to school on time, phew!

Does your kid's school have habits of the week? Have you learned any good ones?

Image via flickingerbrad/Flickr