Balancing my realism with my daughter’s drive

I hate when moms over-praise their kids in front of others. Some people just don’t realize how ridiculous they sound when they label their kids as geniuses or future-gold-medalists.

It’s important to keep our objectivity when it comes to our offspring. We don’t want them to think we are disappointed when they discover that, in fact, they’re not Maradona in the field or Einstein in the classroom.

But there’s one thing I love and makes me proud of my daughter--when she has a goal, she works hard to make it happen.


We were at the open house at my daughter’s gym class, and she and I were running late as always, when Juliana declares to me:

"I love, love, love my gym class so much."

Me (catching my breath): "I know, I know… you keep telling me."

Juliana: "I am getting so much better at everything, you will see today because you’re watching me…  right?"

Me: "Si mi amor. Yes yes yes."

Juliana: "Mom I want to do gym more than once a week, I don’t want to do ballet anymore and I want to do an extra day of gym."

Me: "We’ll see."

Juliana: "Mom, I really, really love gym. You don’t understand… I want to be a gymnast."

A gymnast. Juliana wants to be a gymnast.

She is no Nadia Comaneci, let’s be clear, and she is by no means the best in her gym class, but she has an amazing drive and those cartwheel practices have been insane.

She is relentless.

She is positive and she’s smart.

But she won’t be an Olympic gymnast . The good part is, a couple of months ago she wanted to be a prima ballerina.