Potty Training? Make It Easier with a Pull-ups Potty Dance House Party!

Potty-training your child is a big milestone on the road from baby to big kid.

To help parents make potty training easier, Pull-Ups® has developed the Potty Dance, a song and dance routine parents and kids can do together to get started and stay motivated during this learning experience.  A great way to jump-start this learning process is to host a Pull-Ups® Potty Dance House PartyTM in the month of March.


On March 24th, invite your friends and their ready-to-potty train little ones over to get everyone excited about potty training with The Potty Dance. By practicing this dance routine, everyone will see how easy and fun potty training can be.

Your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • Pull-Ups® Coupon Books
  • Pull-Ups® Sticker Sheets
  • Pull-Ups® Potty Training Success DVDs 
  • Pull-Ups® Potty Day Dance Instructional Mats 
  • Pull-Ups® Door Hangers
  • Pull-Ups® Inflatable Guitars
  • And more

Potty Dance House PartyTM packs are only available to a limited number of moms, so apply today to get yours!

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