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8 Amazing wedding surprises you MUST SEE!

As every bride knows, planning a wedding is hard work. There are so many little details--which means there's also plenty of room for things to go wrong. But Colorado bride Kelly Cays' recent wedding disaster is straight out of every girl's worst nightmare. The 22-year-old's wedding dress--the dream gown she had picked out with her grandmother before she passed away--was stolen right out of her car!

Apparently, it all happened last month when Cays picked up her $1,800 strapless beaded lace gown from the bridal shop, went grocery shopping and came home around 9 p.m. She parked her Jeep inside her apartment complex and thought about bringing the dress upstairs, but decided she didn't want her fiancée to see it. That's when things went wrong.

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Child bride forced to marry does the unimaginable to groom & his friends

For this bride, "'til death do us part" couldn't come soon enough. Last week, 14-year-old Wasila Umaru was forced to marry 35-year-old Umaru Sani in the Ungwar Yansoro village north of Kano, Nigeria. The child bride was so distraught and enraged over the idea of spending her life with a man 21 years her elder, one for whom she harbored no romantic feelings, that she took rather drastic measures. What she did to her older groom and his friends will leave you speechless...

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7 Amazing wedding surprises you MUST WATCH!

Normally, all eyes are on the bride at a wedding. But in the case of couple Chris and Leah O'Kane, it's the priest who stole the show!

The couple was recently getting married at the Oldcastle church in Ireland by Father Ray Kelly, when he suddenly broke out into his own rendition of "Halleluiah." The video, which shows Kelly singing as the O'Kanes get ready to walk down the aisle, has quickly gone viral this week-and it's easy to see why. Father Kelly's cover is absolutely amazing!

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6 Save-the-dates that would make us ditch the wedding


Spring is here! And to put it another way, wedding season is here! I know you're probably receiving or have received some save-the-dates for upcoming nuptials. What I like about save-the-dates is that I learn just how creative my friends are--and gives me ideas for when it's time for me to get hitched! But none of the invites I've ever received can compare to the epic save-the-date sent by Bambo Obaro and Janice Jentz.

The attorneys came up with a save-the-date video invite that put most celebrities to shame!

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5 Ways your body changes when you fall in love


Falling in love is one of the beautiful things you can experience in your lifetime. Butterflies in your stomach, yearning to see your man 24/7, romantic gestures to no end. These are some of the things that happen when you are in love, but did you know that it also has physical effects on your body?

When I found out the ways our bodies change when we fall in love, it explained a lot!

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Nick Cannon gives Mariah Carey diamonds after bragging he sexed up Kim Kardashian


Nick Cannon was in the dog house recently after pissing off wife Mariah Carey for bragging about something that most men do. He was on a radio show on Power 106 when he spilled the beans on his "celebrity sex list" which included some popular ladies in Hollywood.

And wouldn't you be surprised to know that one of the names he mentioned happened to be Kim Kardashian. No shocker there!

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"Husband for sale" classified ad is the most hilarious thing you'll ever read


There seems to be a resale market for just about anything nowadays. It's a great way to make money on things you no longer want or need. Just look around your home and think about what you could get for say, your husband. Yup, your husband! What do you think his resale value would be and how much would you be willing to let him go for? If you're not exactly sure how you would even go about selling your husband in the first place, I say follow the example of this hilarious husband for sale ad in the classified section of a Spanish newpaper. Don't worry, I'll translate if for you in case you don't speak Spanish and trust me, this loses none of its humor in the translation.

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Teen girls force autistic boy to perform sex acts at knifepoint


Wow, what two teen girls in Maryland are accused of doing to a 16-year-old boy diagnosed with autism defies understanding. From the months of December of last year until March of this year, 17-year-old Lauren Bush and her 15-year-old friend, whose name has not been released because of her age, tortured and forced their victim to do things that Sheriff Tim Cameron of St. Mary's County calls "heinous" and "shocking." They were caught because they recorded themselves assaulting this boy and the mother of one of the girls found incriminating video on her daughter's cellphone and alerted staff at Chopticon High School where both the girls are students. You are not going to believe what these girls did to that poor boy, it's beyond awful.

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Zoe Saldana says she's "let herself go" after marriage


The beautiful and talented Zoe Saldana has always struck me as one of those natutally skinny people, but no doubt she is also fit and puts a lot of effort into it, right? Well, she did until she got married and then she let herself go. Last June, Saldana secretly got hitched to Italian artist Marco Perego. Since her nuptuals, the 35-year-old actress says, "This past year I've let myself go. I've been eating a lot of Chinese, pasta, rice, beans ... " Aww, and snuggling up to her new hubby I'm sure. What married woman can't relate to that? So how does Saldana look now that she has let herself go?

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Woman gives up on human love but gets married anyway


If you're a single lady then you know that dating is hard. There are men who can't commit, or say they can and eventually get cold feet, and no one has time for that B.S. But do you know who has been there with you through it all? Your dog. Amanda Rogers, a 46-year-old divorcee, was so fed up with men that she decided the best mate she could have for the rest of her life was her dog, Sheba.

Rogers decided what better way to prove her love for Sheba than by marrying the pooch? Yeah, you read that right!

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