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Beyonce proves her family is strong as ever with these 7 photos


Ever since the surveillance video capturing Solange whaling on Jay-Z inside a hotel elevator went viral, rumors have been flying about Jay-Z and Beyoncé heading for divorce. In an effort to squash the rumors, Beyoncé herself took to Instagram on Monday, sharing a heart-warming photo in which she's pictured with her hubby and their 2-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy. In the snap, Blue is between her two parents, swinging in the air as each of them holds onto one of her little hands. No caption accompanied the snap, but the message seemed clear--the Carters are one big happy family ... or are they?

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SEE: Husband documents every time his wife has refused sex in crazy spreadsheet


What would you do if your husband sent you an Excel spreadsheet that tracked your sex life for the past seven weeks and not in a particularly good or flattering way, more like an accusatory documentation of how little you put out? Oh, and he sends you this spreadsheet via email while you are in a cab headed to the airport for a 10 day business trip and once the email is sent, he cuts off communication. Yikes. Well, that is exactly what happened to Reddit user throwwwwaway29 and I guess since she couldn't talk to him about it she posted about it on the internet instead. 

Of course, now that she has shared, I absolutely have to share the spreadsheet with you! You've gotta see this!

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9-year-old boy marries 62-year-old woman for second time

A 9-year-old boy from South Africa has recently renewed his vows to his 62-year-old wife. Yes, you read that right. Sanei Masilela was just 8 years old when he decided to marry Helen Shabangu, a bride so much older than him she could literally be his abuela--no joke! Anyone else out there find this kind of sick? Now why in the world would a viejita even consider marrying a little boy?

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8 Signs your man is a mama's boy

It used to be that you knew a man was a mami's boy when he still lived at home, but modern day mami's boys have evolved enough to at least move out of the nest, making them harder to spot--and perhaps avoid. In fact, you may be dating one right now! 

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5 Reasons every couple should try marriage counseling

Ever since Beyonce and Jay-Z's On the Run tour took off, there's been rumors that Jay-Z cheated. They were even saying he cheated on her with R&B singer, Mya. Seriously?

They might look crazy in love on stage, but reports claim they've been seeking marriage counseling via Skype. Could this be true?

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Groom dumps bride on wedding night after seeing naked pictures of her

Don't ever tell your ex the location of your wedding. A Kuwaiti woman's dreams of marriage and family were shattered when her ex boyfriend showed up at her wedding with a memory stick stuck in a bouquet of flowers. 

A note attached to the bouquet told the groom that he had better check out what's on the stick. I'm sure you can figure out what happens next. The new groom plugged the device into a computer and found a picture of the woman he had just wed in a compromising position. And they hadn't yet done the deed themselves.

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6 Signs of codependency that you CANNOT ignore

When we hear the word "addiction," the first thing that comes to mind is the attachment to substances like alcohol and drugs, which are harmful to the health. It probably doesn't occur to us that there is another type of addictive situations that have nothing to do with drugs but can cause as much or more damage to the one who suffers them.

It is codependency or attachment to another person, who is usually our partner, and maybe you have no idea that you suffer from it. The truth is that you stay in an unhealthy relationship, which does not make you happy, because you subconsciously feel that you cannot live without that someone.

The good news is that, according to experts, the problem of addictive relationships not only can be detected, there are also ways to get over that overwhelming dependency situation. Here's how!

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Jennifer Lopez wants to get married AGAIN

Jennifer Lopez has always been a hopeless romantic, but after three divorces and quite a few breakups, you'd think the last thing on her mind would be marriage. But even during her two-day iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party in Miami, Florida this past weekend, she still took the time to open up about love. In fact, she even told the NY Daily News she might get married again. Wait, what?

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6 Surprising ways to spice up your marriage


If you've been married for a while you know that sometimes things can get difficult and your relationship may get rocky. It's hard keeping the romance alive with the overtime you put in at work or your attention devoted to the kids. It's easy to get swept up in your everyday life that you make your relationship less of a priority.

However a study recently found that sleeping naked might be the key to maintaining a happy marriage!

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Woman betrayed by cheating husband finds love in unexpected place


Imagine finding out that your husband was cheating on you and left you for another woman. This is what happened to Deborah Parker when she her husband of 33 years, Tony, announced he was leaving her. The 53-year-old mom remembers how devastated she was when her husband left and turned to unhealthy habits.

However, this all changed when she met Alan Goodwin and you'll never believe the twist in this story. She even says she's glad that her husband cheated on her!

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