It's that time of the year again, moms: BACK TO SCHOOL!

When I was younger, I had the terrible habit of never eating breakfast. Even when my mom tried, I would just say I didn't have time or wasn't hungry. Then, of course, I would be tired and starving by the time lunch came around.

You don't want the same for your kids, right? That's why I've found the 5 easiest, quickest breakfasts that your kids will love. From two that you can make overnight (my own super-delicious slow cooker coconut banana oatmeal and dulce de leche French toast) to the geniously simple avocado toast to the classic Mexican breakfast tacos and the tasty eggs with tortilla chips, salsa and cheese. Everyone in the family is sure to enjoy these great pre-school meals!


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What's your favorite breakfast for kids? Which of these recipes are you most excited to try? Share with us in the comments below!

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