If you're family's anything like mine, Summer means one thing: living at the pool with the kids.  So naturally, a lightweight yet elegant bathing-suit cover-up will most likely become an essential part of your summer wardrobe.   A reliable cover-up is a great way to stay poolside with the kids 'til sundown and still look put-together!

From cool, mesh materials to beachy tunics, you're covered with any of these lovely, loose-fitting cover-ups that flatter any woman's figure. 

  1. Black V-Neck Cover-up
  2. Mesh Hoodie Cover-up
  3. White Mesh Hoodie Cover-up
  4. Jade V-Neck Cover-up


I have a terry swim cover that looks like a towel.


I don't have one...but I wear super modest swimsuits so it's not much of an issue.


I do like that black v neck cover up though. It is very pretty.

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