Guess the Secret Service thinks Latinas are only made for sexy fun time too

UGH! I am seriously so mad and embarrassed about this Secret Service scandal and every time I read a new story about it, the plot just gets grosser and grosser.

It also seriously sucks for President Obama, who was attending the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia--presumably, ya know, trying to actually get some work done--has been 100% overshadowed by the infantile, misogynistic actions of a bunch of bros in the Secret Service and the military (yup, the crew of misfits has expanded to include military personnel, because I'm sure they don't have anything more important they should be doing with their time).

OK, so in case you haven't heard what's been going down (no pun intended) in Colombia, here's what happened...


A bunch a cad Secret Service men apparently got super excited about the Presidents recent trip to Latin America and to celebrate, they decided to call ahead to order up a whole gaggle of prostitutes, cause, ya know, that's what dudes do when they head South of the Border.

One of the agents was, apparently, a really big jerk because after he had his fun, he refused to pay his lady. OK, so I'm mad enough about the fact that these guys thought it was alright to party hardy during what was supposed to be a business trip, but then to try to STIFF the lady who provided you with the special services- I mean, come on!

All the blame for the totally pathetic international debacle falls solely and squarely on the shoulders of these secret service and military men who believed themselves to be above the law. ESPECIALLY the total loser who felt like he was so much better than the woman he had hired to service him that he just "didn't have to pay her", which were apparently his own words when hotel workers came to see what all the commotion was about the night after the big party.

Oh yeah, here's the best part! If this idiot had just paid her, she likely would have left quietly and discreetly as her 10 fellow sex workers did. But instead, she stood her ground to get her money, the hotel staff had to be called, the situation escalated, police were called in and boom!--the embassy had to file a report, which is how this whole thing became a  international scandal. The worst part? The total bill came to $47! So, this a#$%hole essentially embarrassed the President, the United states of America, the Secret Service and himself...all for a measly $47.

Look, I'm not even going to get on a high horse about prostitution here because quite frankly, it is one of the oldest professions in the book and also happens to be legal in many parts of Colombia including Cartagena, where the President was for the conference. I actually give the woman who called them all out props, because she was just sticking up for herself and trying to get the money paid to her that was due.

I hope they eventually release this ridiculous Secret Service agents name so that he can get the public shaming he deserves. I'm sick and tired of all of these madams and prostitutes being trotted out and looked down upon for the public's pleasure when none of the Johns ever seem to have to face equal consequences.

Image via jubilo haku/flickr