As a Mexican, I can not even count the times I've heard my mother say: "Do not worry hijita, we're going to have a party—let's party!" For us Latinos, in general, the word holiday is synonymous with get togethers and getting together with friends and family is synonymous with fun. And if we think something is going to be fun, nothing and no one can stop us!

The truth is that it doesn't really matter if it is a little cousin's baptism or the first communion of a friend, because as a famous Mexican saying goes "a la gorra ni quien le corra" which basically means that anytime there are drinks, food and a free party involved, we're there!


How many times have you been on your way to an event that someone else invited you to before you realized you didn't even know if it was a birthday, christening or even a wedding? Yes, it seems a bit rude, but it's the truth! Plus, most Latinos hosting a party believe that the more the merrier. I've also been on the flip side of the coin and hosted the large and varied cast of characters my friends and family have invited—hey, sometimes they even end up being the life of the party.!

When I got married, we realized when we were looking at the pictures that a mystery man appeared in almost every shot. It was very funny because the subject in question was a guest of a friend of a friend and he got so comfortable that he even met my sister and my mom! In short, the unidentified man was the life of the party and also, as it turns out, an excellent photo bomber! But I wasn't angry because in the end, he clearly enjoyed himself and that was the whole point of the party. So, believe it or not, I was pleased to see that he enjoyed himself.

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So I can say without a doubt that when it comes to parties, no one else does it like us Latinos. It doesn't matter why you are partying or how many people are joining in, the only thing that matters is having fun with friends and family. Any excuse is good enough to plan a "pachangón" or big party, because if there is anything that Latinos have naturally, it's that nobody organizes parties as well as us. 

Do you think that Latinos are the best at throwing parties?

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