When someone told me to check out Sears to find shoes for my upcoming wedding, I will confess to being skeptical.  I mean, they're great for lawn mowers and refrigerators, but wedding shoes?  Turns out I was out of the loop.  Whether you're an honored Guest, a beautiful Bridesmaid or the lucky Bride-to-Be,  Sears' 'Invitation Only' Collection has everything you need for the big day. 


Let's start with the bride! 

In their new Spring Shoe Fashion Guide, Sears has a dedicated section for everything Weddings.


When I saw these elegant bride-worthy heels I was shocked at how soft and feminine they were.  The flowered sandal is a classic, timeless look for any bride while the pair with the satin bow is pure elegance.  Pretty, flattering and at an amazing price point, it's the wedding shoes I've always dreamed of.


And now, for the bridesmaid!

Being a bridesmaid means you get to flash some color!  These vibrant key lime green sandals add a fun pop of color to the celebration, while these turquoise sandals add color AND sparkle!  These styles are sure to make any bridesmaid more electric than ever.  

Lastly, for the guest!

Sometimes being the guest at a wedding is even more fun than being in the wedding party itself.  You get to sit back, relax with friends, and of course, get fancy!  As a guest, you have the option of choosing your own unique style statement!  Be daring with these sexy black pump.  Be bold with these eye-popping pink slingbacks  Or be ladylike with these feminine flower print pumps.

When it comes to finding shoes this Spring, get yourself over to a Sears or check out the Sears Spring Shoe Fashion Guide for everything you need to step it up!