There comes a time when parents use a reward system to reinforce positive behaviors in kids. As parents, it's our intention to keep cultivating those positive behaviors so kids can become the best they can be.


It takes a lot of resourcefulness to come up with a reward system that works well for both you and your kids. You know the drill: They perform well and there is a reward for that so it keeps the kids motivated to have good behavior.

Is using money as a behavior incentive a good thing?

Of course, experts' opinions are divided in this matter. On one hand, in the real world a person does their job and in exchange they get paid. They do it well and they could get promotions at work.  So, rewarding kids with money or other material possession makes sense.

The key is not to confuse the money reward with bribery. If, for instance, they have behaved great while being at a waiting room for almost an hour, then pay them after you leave and not at the beginning. I feel that as long as money is not only used as a behavior incentive, but also to teach gratitude and the power of paying it forward, money can be a good tool in parents' toolkits.

Keep the value of the rewards small for better results. Start a conversation with the kids to learn what kind of rewards would work for them if money is not a motivator. Set a maximum of rewards or incentives you are willing to give them so they have the right expectations.

Yoly Mason, a blogger living in Orlando, Florida, wants to live in a world where Latinas can enjoy an abundant life with a small budget, and being in debt is as out of style as the rotary phone.

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