Having an emergency fund can be a blessing when unexpected expenses arise, but even having a regular savings account is important so you can plan to afford extras like travel and other splurges.


It might sound like a cliché, but there's no time like the present to kick start a savings habit. Imagine if you could save $10 dollars every week in a piggy bank. At the end of a year, your savings fund would be worth $520! Just decide how much you are able to save every week and commit to setting it aside – that's the most important part.

And no, I won't even try to recommend that you give up your morning latte to start your savings fund. That would be ludicrous! What I will tell you, though, is that a good place to start your saving habit is to skip one restaurant visit a week (even a day that you buy lunch at the office) and put this money aside.

Another way to create a savings habit is to withdraw the money you'll need weekly for your personal expenses ahead of time. Once you have cash in hand, you'll notice how your mindset changes and how aware you are about the money you have left for the week. You'll be more vigilant because there will be no more card swiping going on. At the end of the week, add the money you have left to your savings.

Do you want your savings to grow even faster without fear of losing steam while you form this new habit? Automate it! Link a savings account to your checking account and then set a predetermined amount to be transferred every week. Think of it as paying yourself first!

Yoly Mason, a blogger living in Orlando, Florida, wants to live in a world where Latinas can enjoy an abundant life with a small budget, and where being in debt is as out of style as the rotary phone.

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