5 Items you shouldn't buy on Black Friday

Black Friday is that time of the year to go hard for the sake of saving on holiday shopping. Whether you go to bed right after Thanksgiving dinner to wake up before sunrise and rush to the mall or you're online stalking department store websites, everyone seems to have a tactic to grab the best deals for gift-giving. However, having a game plan on what to purchase is the key to saving money. Don't buy into marketing that makes you feel like you're saving a ton. Know which items to avoid during Black Friday and when to grab the best deals. Your wallet will thank me later.


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Winter clothing and apparel: You may be tempted to add trendy pieces to your wardrobe that are slashed in price, but making those purchases on Black Friday doesn't guarantee that you'll get the cheapest price. According to Dealnews.com, the best time of the year to save on winter clothing is after the Christmas cheer ends on December 26th.

Video game consoles: The trick to saving the most on game consoles is to look for deals that bundle items together. If you're able to get the console along with a couple of accessories, like headphones, you could end up saving up to 30 or 40 percent from what the original tag price would be.  

Brand-name HDTVs: There may be a couple of Black Friday deals that will make you want to tickle your wallet, but prices on brand-name HDTVs tend to drop even more after Christmas and the month before Super Bowl. Not taking the bait could save you more money in the long run.

Bedding and blankets: If you're looking to get a new bedding set or hit the refresh button on your bed sheets, Black Friday and even the month of December isn't the most desirable time to get your savings on. The months of January and February are ideal for saving the most on bedding and blankets. That's because new seasonal merchandise for spring starts rolling in around this time. Take advantage then.

Toys: Fight off the temptation to start off your Christmas toy shopping for the kids early on. Black Friday deals on toys aren't the cheapest of them all. In fact, toys tend to be marked down the most about two weeks before Christmas. Sometimes it pays to wait last minute! 

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