5 Surprising ways money affects your sex life

Keeping your sex life active is important to both you and your partner's happiness, but everyone has a little bit of a slump every now and then. Most people chalk it up to having a crazy busy schedule, but studies have recently found that there's one factor that can impact your sex life in both good and bad ways without you even knowing: money! Below, check out five surprising ways money can affect your sex life:


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1. There's a good chance you may spend more time thinking about money than you do thinking about or having sex. According to a recent survey, 77 percent of women think about money more than they think about sex and sixty percent of people in general check their bank balance more often than having sex. We all know the importance of staying on top your finances, but don't let that stress keep you from enjoying your sex life. It'll only make you and your partner unhappy.   

2. More money, more action.  It's unclear why the connection exists, but recent research found that having sex four or five times a week was linked to a higher paycheck. So get to work!

3. Equal earning can lead to hotter sex. Similarly, studies also found that 51 percent of marriages with partners that earn about the same amount of money report having a "very good" sex life.

4. Money problems can ruin your sex life. Polls have found that finances are the common source of arguments among couples and a bad fight is definitely not going to do any favors for your sex life. Make sure to stay in constant communication over any financial issues so you both know what's going on and try to keep the money discussions out of the bedroom.

5. Sexual touching can make you empty your wallet. A recent study discovered that women tend to spend more money after they've touched men's boxers. Apparently, getting closer to his penis gets some women so excited, it leads them to seek instant gratification—like buying lots of new stuff. Yikes!  Note to self: don't get too cuddly before hitting the mall!

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