Check your credit card & bank statements for this sneaky charge right NOW!

credit card scamI am urging you to go through your recent bank and credit card statements and check to see if you have a charge for $9.84 in the last few months. Why that amount? On Friday, the Better Business Bureau issued a scam alert. Yes dears, we have fraudsters trying to steal from us via our debit and credit cards AGAIN. This time around they are making small charges like for $9.84 hoping that we won't question such a small amount, but if they do it to enough people, they still rake in big bucks for themselves. So what exactly do you need to know about this particular threat?


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It isn't clear how many card numbers have been stolen and how many people have been affected. What you need to do is check your statements for any unfamiliar charges. Yes, look for the amount of $9.84, but look for other amounts too because now that this has been reported, the culprits could start charging different amounts to avoid detection.

Look for charges from generic websites like, and These sites claim to offer customer support services. If you have visited the website and called customer support for a refund, DO NOT TAKE THEIR WORD FOR IT. Even if you do get a refund, your information has been compromised, it's out there and they can come back to get some more of your money.

If you do find suspicious charges on your card(s), call your bank or card issuer directly and report the fraudulent charges.

I hope you haven't been affected by this current scam, but if you have, get on it. Take care of this before it gets any worse.

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