They say you pay what you get for and sometimes that's true, but sometimes the ones saying it are the ones trying to get you to pay for crap you don't need to waste your money on. You know I'm right, right? Sure, go ahead a splurge once in a while or invest in a quality item, but not all expenditures are created equal. Let's explore a few things you need not shell out big bucks for. Ready?

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Here are five things you should not waste your money on because they are totally not worth it!

Expensive mascara 1

You do realize that you are supposed to chuck your opened mascara after three months, right? Okay, then don't shell out tons of money for it. There are plenty of lower priced options that work great.


Coupons 2


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Coupons only save you money if they are for something you were going to buy even if you didn't have a coupon. If you are purchasing something you never would have bought unless you had the coupon, they you are wasting your money. Do you really need strawberry cheesecake flavored sour cream?


Weddings 3

Yes I understand that your wedding day is special, but it should not put you into debt. Spend what you can afford and that's it. Your love is not increased or diminished by the amount of money you spend making it official. You know I'm right.

Prescription glasses from a "real" store 4

Prescription glasses from a

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I wear prescription glasses EVERY single day and when I discoved I could get cute quality frames at VERY affordable prices online, it's like the heavens parted. Amazing. Don't overspend at "real" stores, shop online for your peepers.


Annual credit card fees 5

Are you paying an annual fee for your credit card(s)? If you are, get over here so I can slap some sense into you or get some money from you because obviously you like throwing it away. There are plenty of credit cards that don't charge an annual fee.