Why you should read your man's bank statements like NOW!

woman with bank statementMary Worthington is the author of a book called, The Wealthy Woman. Don't we all want to be one of those women? I know I do.Worthington describes herself as "happily- married woman" and a "personal financial adviser, specializing in helping women." Her typical client is a woman who is going through a divorce and has left all financial matters up to her soon to be ex-husband and feels utterly lost. Believe it or not there are grown married women out there who have never looked at a bank statement in their lives. Worthington is adamant that women should not stick their heads in the sand when it comes to their finances even if they are in a relationship where their partner makes all the money and pays all the bills. This mean all women should be reading their man's bank statements, but maybe not for the scandalous reasons that first come to mind.


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Okay, so originally the chismosa in me is thinking, Oh my God we should all be reading our husband's bank statements in case he is supporting a secret family or buying a mistress expensive gifts, but all telenovela-thinking aside, the reasons to be familiar with your partner's finances are much more practical and empowering.

Things happen in life and relationships and not all of them are beautiful and romantic. Marriages end for all kinds of reasons or marriages should end for all kinds of reasons. You never ever want to find yourself in a position where you don't know where you stand financially. There is no kind of freedom in absolute and total economic dependence. Countless women are trapped in marriages they can not leave because they have no money of their own and the truth is that they are entitled to financial compensation if they leave, but how can they receive a fair settlement if they never knew how much was there to begin with?

Or what if heaven forbid your partner dies. Then what? Every woman owes it to herself to be able to handle her finances even if she is not the primary breadwinner. Not to mention, we need to model responsible finacial behaviors for our children.

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