5 Great apps to keep any mamá entertained & informed

Last week I misplaced my iPhone at home and had to leave it behind so that I could rush to work for a meeting. That day I realized just how dependent I am on apps for connectivity but also for information and entertainment. These are the apps I turn to on a daily basis during my two-hour commute to and from work.

I start of my day perusing the headlines of The Wall Street Journal but end it with my celebrity gossip fix with People and People En Español. The beauty of most digital publications is that you can subscribe to them monthly or buy a particular issue. I was thinking of investing in a tablet but I've gotten used to reading the publications on my iPhone.


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I love streaming music while I work, commute, cook and hang out at home.  Pandora customizes the music it plays based on your individual music taste (the genres, songs, artists and lyrics that you play and like most).  What I love about Pandora is the discovery of new artists and music.  I also love the fact that I can create "stations" that mix my favorite Latin and American songs and artists.

The iHeartRadio app allows you to listen to your favorite radio station live (for free), even when you travel!  And, like Pandora, you can create your own artist radio.  I listen to 106.7, NY lite station, especially during the weeknights when the Delilah Show is on.  I love their music mix (although I'd love to hear Latin songs mixed in) and Delilah's soothing voice, her listeners' love stories and her personalized music pics.  This app allows me to take my favorite local stations with me everywhere I go and to bring back the stations I discover when I travel for work!

My daughter was the one who introduced me to Shazam because she got sick of hearing me ask what song or artist was playing on the radio.  This free app allows you to identify music and TV shows playing around you.  All you do is click on the app, hold up your device and tap the Shazam button.  After a few seconds, it gives you the name of the song or TV program playing.  You can then share or buy the particular song or watch the video on TV.

Audible has become one of my favorite apps.  I love listening to someone narrate a book and bringing the story to life!  This app allows you to stream digital audio books, radio, TV and educational programs.  You can either pay a monthly subscription fee or pay for each item individually.  I use it primarily for audio books.  When my kids where young, the whole family would listen to audio books in the car during long, weekend road trips.

Although Audible is an Amazon company, I've used the App to listen to books (in English and Spanish) that I've purchased from iTunes and FonoLibro.

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