Women desperate for money selling their hair, eggs, breast milk & kidneys

Some women in America are turning to their own bodies for cash, but not via the oldest profession in the world. Instead these women are selling their hair, eggs, breast milk, and maybe even kidneys in an effort to bring in money. It's just another sign that many Americans are still struggling to recover from the recession. 


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According to a Bloomberg News Report, since 2011 "hair," "eggs" and "kidney" have been among the top autofill results for Google searches on the phrase "I want to sell my ..."

for all except two quarters. Being the skeptic that I am I had to try it out myself and sure enough "kidney" and "eggs" did pop up as options.

Now, selling your kidneys is illegal in the United States, so I wouldn't recommend it, but there does appear to be a black market for it. Again, I say keep your kidney. As for hair, eggs, and breast milk those are perfectly legal to sell. 

There are websites dedicated to such transactions. Selling your eggs is the hardest and most invasive, but can bring in about $7,000. The price on selling your hair varies depending on condition (virgin is best), length, and even whether you smoke or not. breast milk can go for about $5 an ounce.

A lot of the women turning to the internet to sell pieces of themselvers are middle-class moms who are struggling to maintain their pre-recession standard of living.

I know what it's like to be in dire financial straights and I certainly won't judge anyone for getting money by whatever legal means is available to them, but I would suggest that before you go selling off pieces of yourself, you may want to consider selling tamales instead. There always seems to be a market for tamales no matter what the state of the economy and finding a good tamal lady is not easy. You could sell those babies for $2 and up.

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