Kristy Love milks her 48NN-sized assets all the way to the bank!

Kristy Love had been denied many masseuse jobs because she was a big woman, so she decided to start her own business from her home. Now this isn't your ordinary masseuse as Kristy uses the best assets to provide these massages: her 48NN boobs! The Atlanta, Georgia woman offers sensual to non-sensual massages to clients and even offers snuggling for those lonely souls.

Even though other businesses wouldn't hire her, looks like Kristy got the last laugh because she ranks in at least $1,000 a day for her services. Boy, am I in the wrong work industry. Check out Kristy's money-making assets after the jump!


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Love told the U.K. Mirror that she was questioned if she could stay on her feet for long periods of time due to her size by potential employers. That's when she took matters into her own hands and started providing massages from the comfort of her home.

According to her website, she offers sensual massages for a half hour for $150, $200 for an hour, $100 for a half hour non-sensual massage, and $150 for a full one. Plus if you're looking for a snuggle buddy, she charges $80 for a half hour. Hey, affection and pleasure don't come cheap!

Originally her idea came from a client who wanted her to take her top off. At first she was against it because of bodily insecurities, but then thought that breast massages would be a good idea. Little did she know that business would soon be booming and now she tells the Mirror that her boobs are her "bread and butter." It also helped boost her confidence learning that many of her clients love her body.

In addition to her massages, Kristy offers "body gliding" in which she douses herself in oil and slides onto her customer. This task she says has to be done carefully, she says, because she doesn't want to squash a client. Although Kristy's business is going well, she explains that her family is against it because of their Jehovah's Witness morals. The other issue is that her doctor has told her she needs to lose weight for her health, but she fears that if she does, she'll lose the "assets" that keep her in business.

I'm glad that Kristy found a way to make things work in her favor, and I'm amazed at how successful her business has become. Hey, if it works it works! However, she should take care of herself if she has been warned her of possible health concerns. I'm sure those 48NN's aren't going anywhere!

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