3 Sales you need to skip because they're totally not worth it

I am a sucker for sales. The thought of paying retail for anything makes me feel like a chump, so whenever things go on sale, I think of it not just as an opportunity to save money, but I kind of also use it as  justification for buying something I might not otherwise buy. You know like that see-through shirt I'll never actually wear, but looked so cute on the mannequin and I just had to get it because it was on sale?

Sales can be a great thing, but not all sales are great. A great sale will save you a good chunk of money, a not so great sale will make you spend money on something you may not need at all. Ugh, please don't tell my husband, but after reading a story in Yahoo Shine, I'm thinking that there are three sales you (and I) should skip because they are just not worth it.


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Okay, so what are the three sales we should all skip?

1. Timed sales. Also known as flash sales. Sales that only last a short amount of time put the pressure on you to buy like a pushy car salesman in a plaid coat. You feel like you better buy it now before it's gone. This happens to me on websites like MyHabit. Sure they have GREAT sales, but I don't really NEED those fabulous shoes, I just really, really want them because the event will end on Thursday and if I don't snag them in time I may just cry.

2. Sales contingent on buying more than one item. You know deals where you get 5 for $5 or 10 for $10, but you really only need one and you feel like you are being forced to buy more? In those cases, it's best to walk away. You can also ask if the store will honor the sales price even if you only buy one, some stores will.

3. Clothing sales that are 15 percent off or less. That's not much of a deal. You know it, I know it, and the store knows it. Walk away and wait for a better deal like 40 percent off.

Sometimes the best way to save your money is to save your money. Don't be fooled into thinking you are saving money just because something is on. 

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