5 Ways social media sites can help you save tons of money

Social media has taken over our lives so much lately that sometimes it makes you stop and wonder if it's all one big waste. You spend hours at a time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram--you name it. But what benefits does it bring you? It turns out you can save a ton of money just by visiting your favorite web platforms everyday!

And why wouldn't you want to save money on your groceries or getting free items whenever possible? I don't know about you but things are way too expensive today to pass up on any good deals. That's why we found five easy ways to help you save money by simply logging onto your Facebook page.


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The great thing is that not only can you keep touch with friends through all these social media sites, but they can also help you save! And it works easily with your social media habits whether you're a casual or heavy user. Curious to find out how you can save using Facebook or Twitter? Check out our five ways to save money while maintaining your social media habit!

Track finances: If you're on Twitter, using sites such as Tweetwhatyouspend.com lets you send brief spending messages of recent purchases, such as groceries, to your Web-based cash journal. You won't need a checkbook if you have this awesome site tracking all your financial spending for you!

Coupons: Twitter is also excellent for searching coupons and other giveaways. Make sure to type in "#coupon" or "#couponcode" to find loopholes to deals via the site. Even searching "#giveaways" will lead you to the hottest giveaways in the tweetesphere. And all you usually have to do is re-tweet (RT). How easy is that?!

Online piggy bank: If you're trying to save money for a trip or another big event, SmartyPig.com, an online bank is super helpful. The site allows users to link to their personal Facebook pages and lets friends and families watch them save.

Follow your favorite restaurants and retailers: Whether you're on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, make sure to follow restaurants, malls, movie theaters, and other favorite brands and retailers for ultimate saving power. You'll be the first to know about deals which is important since most can expire quickly. You never know, you might get a nice discount from your local pharmacy the next time you have to make a trip there.

Check-in: It might seem insignificant but by "checking-in" on Facebook or Foursquare you are setting yourself for a lot of discounts wherever you go. Through Foursquare you can see a list of nearby shops and they'll be tagged with green or yellow ticket icons. These are all deals you can take advantage of instantly!

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