The secret to success will SHOCK you

If you analyze how you speak and how women around you speak, I bet you'll probably start to notice that often we women tend to finish our sentences with an upwards intonation at the end, as if we were asking a question. (For example, I think we have to switch providers?)

This habit is so common that you probably don't even notice it anymore. But the reality is that this way of communicating undermines what you say and makes you seem insecure about yourself. And let's not even go into how this makes you lose authority in front of other people.

Now let's focus on the men around you and women in power that you know. It's more likely that, unless they're actually asking a question, what they say will sound much more like statements. (For example: We need to change providers.)

If you want to get to the next level, you have no choice but to adjust some details right now that will make your supervisors see you as the successful woman that you want to be.


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Here are other strategies that have worked well for me:

  • Start listening to yourself to figure out what your style is. You can also ask a friend or colleague to help you identify when you raise your tone at the end of a sentence that isn't a question.

  • Try practicing communicating your ideas as clearly as possible without getting wrapped up in secondary details. In this way, you can inspire your coworkers to listen to you. Having a clear and concise communication style is the key to getting ahead in any job.

  • Establish, express, and meet your objectives. There isn't anything more important in your journey to becoming the boss than being able to establish goals, communicating these with clarity, and meeting these objectives in the amount of time established and within your deadline. If you can also help your coworkers meet their goals, it will be even better for you!

  • Modulate the volume of your voice. Notice that your most respected supervisors speak in a firm tone without having to raise their voices. As Latinas, we sometimes tend to speak loudly and this can make you come off as someone who can't control her emotions.
  • Control your non-verbal communication. Even when you're quiet, your body is communicating through your posture, your gestures, your sighs, etc. As you rise in the ranks, you should have more control over how you communicate.

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