Lynsi Torres of In-N-Out burger: America's youngest female billionaire!

Here's some amazingly inspirational news if I ever heard any: America's youngest female billionaire is only 30 years old! Her name is Lynsi Torres and she has just inherited ownership of her family's beloved West Coast burger giant In-N-Out.

The most surprising thing about her is that she's very media-shy (which is why we never knew about her before) but doesn't seem to be THAT shy, since she is not only a billionaire CEO but also a race car driver. Plus, she's a Latina by marriage (just like my mami!) and her husband, Val Torres, Jr., is also a race car driver. Seriously, how amazing is that?!


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Bloomberg News reports on Lynsi's  "rise to Billionaire Burger Queen" as the current president of In-N-Out, a chain known for its fresh ingredients and secret menu that is currently being valued at $1.1 billion. Originally founded in 1948 by Lynsi's grandparents, Harry and Esther Snyder, Lynsi has remained true to her family by staying out of the spotlight and staying quiet about her dealings.  

However, that didn't stop her from putting that In-N-Out money to good use when she bought a 7-bedroom, 16-bathroom, 8-car garage mansion for $17.411 million last year. According to the listing from Curbed LA, the house also features a "35-foot entryway with custom-painted ceiling, marble floors, a three-bedroom guesthouse, a cabana with kitchen, a rec room/batting cage, a pool, greens, and north-south tennis and basketball courts on 4.16 acres."

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Well, it certainly seems that the race-car-driver-turned-In-n-Out-owner is enjoying the good life. I really have to respect her for keeping her family's business intact as well as being classy enough to not go blabbing everything about herself to the media (unlike a certain hotel heiress I know). So, good luck to Lynsi on her new venture! I'm really inspired by her success and I'm sure she will do great as the new head of delicious In-N-Out.

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