6 surprising ways to save huge money this new year

You know what the #1 thing I'd like to do this year? Fatten up my savings account! It's always at the top of my New Year's Resolutions list but also not that easy to do. I always start out great and then, sure enough, start to lose steam after a few months. This year, though, I'm determined not to let that happen. When I found out that there are many penny-pinching ways to save a lot of money this year, I started to think about some of the easiest things we could do in the home to make sure we're putting away some dough for a rainy day. That's why I was SO happy to find these 6 super-easy ways to save money--and I bet you've never even thought of these! Check them out NOW.


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1. Mix your own taco seasoning: I personally love to make my own Adobo (which ALSO saves you money), but if your family loves this Mexican seasoning, then why not make it yourself instead of buying it in stores? You'll save TONS!

2. Make your own Swiffer pads: I love using Swiffer pads to clean my house but, come on, those things can get pricey! However, making them yourself couldn't be simpler with these DIY instructions from Sew Take a Hike.

3. Switch from coffee to tea: Yes, bags of tea actually costs you a LOT less than coffee--so make the switch, at least for most of your daily drinks. Plus, you can save even further by reusing tea leaves (instructions here). Just try it!

4. Try your hand at hand soaps: Who would have ever thought that you can make such a basic necessity, like hand soap, yourself? It's actually VERY easy and you'll save tons of dough when your family starts washing up with this version.

5. Cook up homemade yogurt: Yogurt is my all-time favorite breakfast AND afternoon snack. I mean, what's not to love about it? You can spice it up any which way (bananas!) and make your tummy happy. However, now you can also make your wallet happy by trying your hand at homemade yogurt made in the slow cooker!

6. Do-it-yourself laundry detergent: We all have to do laundry. I mean, seriously, there's just no way to get around washing our dirty clothes. Lucky for your penny-pinching self, though, now you can learn how to make your own laundry detergent and stop spending all that money on pre-packaged kinds.

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