Are women "too nice" for career success?

You know that "too nice" syndrome that many of us women feel? It's the same reason that women CEOs lead only three percent of the FORTUNE 500 companies and why so many of us struggle to juggle our lives between careers and family. 

Sometimes I feel like I have two personalities: the fiery Latina side that can be quite the B (rhymes with witch), and the super nice, sweet, people-pleaser side that sometimes gets walked on as a result.

It's not easy being a girl, that's for sure.


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Well, there's a couple women who are here to tell you how to get out of that "nice girl" rut: Lois P. Frankel and Carol Frohlinger, authors of Nice Girls Just Don't Get It: 99 Ways to Win the Respect You Deserve, the Success You've Earned, and the Life You Want.

Their main issue is with the "disease to please", which includes the rules on always smiling, not being too pushy or loud, and that our job is to help others. The first thing they suggest you do to get out of your own way? Change your mindset! "If you continue being all things to all people you'll never lead a rich and fulfilling life—you'll only live someone else's expectations for you."

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I think as Latinas we especially feel this disease. I'm constantly going back and forth between my strong (and sometimes stubborn) personality, both at work and at home, and my need to take care of others and their happiness. At the end of the day, it becomes pretty exhausting. If giving myself a little kick to not always be a "nice girl" pushover (especially at work) is going to help me earn an extra penny AND bring down my stress, then that's definitely worth striving for.  

Are you always the "nice girl" people-pleaser at work? Share with us in the comments below!

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