$337 million Powerball winning ticket sold in Michigan!

They say that we live off our dreams. And why not? Dreaming doesn't cost a thing. You just have to close your eyes and let your imagination run wild. That's exactly what I have been doing all day, after I found out that there was just ONE winning ticket in the huge Powerball lottery last night. The winning ticket was sold in Michigan—so obviously it was not mine! This lucky person is going to get about $337 million dollars, according to ABC News.

Can you imagine having so much money? What would I do with it? Truth be told, when I asked myself that question, I didn't even know WHERE to start. But I came up with a few ideas…


First, I'd pay off all my debts. That's super important. Then I'd buy the home of my dreams. And why stop there? I'd also buy another huge house on the beach in either Acapulco, Mexico or on any of the sandy shores of Puerto Rico; it would have to have  tons of rooms for guests, a gigantic pool, and gardens.

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After I took care of my desires,  I'd set up a fund for my future kids' education and all their expenses. I'm now realizing I probably need help managing all this money, so I would look for a finance expert to help me invest it all wisely (because, as we all know, it can't last forever—just look at other lottery winners' experiences with poor money management!). I'd have to think about starting up my own business, just so I'm not bored. And after all that, I think I'm entitled to a shopping spree—I'd buy every shoe, purse, piece of clothing and everything I've ever wanted, but couldn't afford, because after this lottery win, I wouldn't have to worry about the price. How sweet would that be! And of course, I would make a huge donation to some charity organizations. Aside from that, I'd go ahead and create the foundation to help disadvantaged Mexican children go to school and college that my husband and I have dreamt about for years.

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There are so many things I could do with all that cash—I have to stop daydreaming about it! I know some people say that thinking about all this might be a complete waste of time, but studies have shown that daydreaming actually has positive effects on our creativity and problem solving-skills. That means all this visualization is making me more entrepreneurial—and it helps program my brain to fight for all those things we want.

Well, then, maybe I CAN have all those things I want, but not because of sheer lottery luck, but because I will be able to achieve it on my own. Because it's not just Powerball that can make us millionaires—all it takes is a little imagination and a lot of determination!

What would YOU do with $300 million dollars? Tell us in the comments below!

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