If you're a working mom, you probably spend part of your time trying to figure out how to achieve the ever elusive work-life balance. As a mom of two little kids, one of which is not yet in school full-time, I personally find this balance extremely difficult to obtain. However, I consider myself one of the lucky working moms because I get to work from home, which means I have a lot more flexibility than other working moms--and, for that, I'm extremely grateful.

If you just had a baby, you're thinking about going back and you're willing to change careers, here are six careers you might want to look into that might help you have more of that work-life balance so many of us moms are always looking for.

10 mom-friendly jobs

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My father-in-law went back to school a few years ago to become a sonogram technician and he couldn't be happier. Not only does he get to deliver great news to expecting parents, but he also has a lot of flexibility and makes a pretty penny in the process.

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